Background to Principles into Practice

ARC Scotland and the Scottish Transitions Forum

ARC Scotland is a voluntary organisation that advances knowledge, practice and policy in health and social care for the benefit of people with learning disabilities or other additional needs. It supports and facilitates the Scottish Transitions Forum, which began in 2008 and now has over 1000 members.

The Scottish Transitions Forum aims to improve the experiences of young people who need additional support and are making the transition to young adult life. Its objectives are to:

  • support joined up working across all services
  • continually improve knowledge, policy and practice
  • inform and empower young people and their parents and carers.

The Forum’s work benefits all young people who need additional support in Scotland, including those with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, sensory impairment, life limiting health conditions, mental health difficulties, care experienced young people and young carers.

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Principles of Good Transitions 3

‘Principles of Good Transitions 3’ was published in 2017.

The seven Principles bring together everything the law requires around transitions, plus what research tells us works best in achieving excellent outcomes for young people. 

The Principles provide a framework for the continual improvement of support for young people with additional needs between the ages of 14 and 25. They make it easy for everyone to see what organisations should be doing so young people with additional support needs have a good experience of leaving school and moving on to adult life.

They have been endorsed by many organisations that provide support for young people, and by the Scottish Government and national bodies.

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Principles into Practice

Principles into Practice is a draft national framework that offers practical guidance and evaluation measures to improve the planning and delivery of support for young people aged 14-25 who need additional support as they make the transition to young adult life.

It is based on the seven ‘Principles of Good Transitions’ and will help embed these into policy, planning and practice in local authority areas across Scotland.

Principles into Practice has been developed through extensive consultation with statutory sector strategic leads, Scottish Government representatives, Social Work Scotland, Association of Directors of Education Scotland, Scottish Transitions Forum members, parents and carers, and young people.

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